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0.05 ETH


What is the panda club?

The Panda Club is a collection of 11,184 programmatically and randomly generated NFTs generated from a pool of 140+ different traits. Each trait has a rarity rating which combines to give your panda an overall rarity score!

How can I stay up to date with the latest information on the panda club?

We update our community on our Twitter page and Discord channel. Click the following links to follow us and join our community: Twitter, Discord.

Why is the panda club different from other NFT collectible projects?

Unlike other projects, our goal is to use the funds generated from minting to help preserve the planet we live on. Half of the minting proceeds will be donated to WWF, an outstanding NGO that works in the field of wilderness preservation, specifically for the Giant Panda!

Do you have a litepaper?

Yes we do! You can find our litepaper here: Litepaper

Can I get a Panda?

Yes! You can mint a panda here on our website for 0.05 ETH when minting starts.

How will the money be donated to charity?

If we are able to make the donation in ETH we will do so. However, the donation will most likely need to be made in fiat. In this case, the Ethereum set aside will simply be cashed out to GBP and donated. All evidence of the donation will be shared on our social media channels to ensure full transparency.